Fundraising & Auctions

Are you looking for a unique way to raise funds for your school Fundraiser or Auction?

Color Me Mine Princeton offers what we feel are better alternatives to traditional gift baskets for Auctions and Fundraisers:

  1. Custom Pottery Piece for Auction – We can help you create amazing pieces of ceramic art that can bring in a much higher $ amount to your organization than the typical basket and create a real buzz at your auction!  An example would be a Platter or Cookie Jar (or any item really) with your logo on it. You pick and pay for the piece and we will handle ALL of the rest including working with you on a custom image, sketching out the art, painting the piece, and firing it in our kilns in time for your event. We can even include a $25 gift certificate with the piece to further increase the value. OR,
  2. You can plan a FUN-draising Painting Day at our studio and Color Me Mine Princeton will donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization/cause.

If you have any questions about either of these options or if you want to see additional pictures of some custom pieces we have sold at auctions, please feel free to email the Owner at We have 100s of ideas and are happy to work with you on yours! 

Thank you for supporting a locally owned small business. We wish you the best in your fundraising efforts!